Bradle Farmhouse

Breakfast is very much a local home produced feast! The bacon, sausages and ham all come from the Farm Butchery which John, and my son Mark, run. Eggs come from our chickens which have a large paddock at the back of the house, and all the jams and marmalades are home-made here at Bradle. We strive to support local suppliers so you will find Dorset Cereal, Dorset Tea (Wimborne), Purbeck Jurassic Apple Juice and Reads Coffee (Sherborne) on the Menu. For those wishing for a vegetarian option we have plenty to offer as well.

Fruit juices.

A selection of cereal.

Grapefruit, yogurt, Dorset Muesli.

Fresh fruit salad.


Traditional farmhouse breakfast consisting of home produced rashers of bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, fried egg and fried bread.

Or any combination of the above.

With poached or scrambled eggs.

Boiled eggs.

Beans on toast.

Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs.

Kippers are available with 12hrs notice.

For those wishing for a vegetarian breakfast we have vegetarian sausages tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and eggs.

Toast rack - (mixture of brown & white).

With a selection of home-made marmalades, jams & honey.

A continental breakfast is also available with croissants, our own produced ham & cheese.

Reads coffee or Dorset tea (Earl Grey & fruit/herbal/green tea also available).

N.B. Due to increasing and over zealous EU legislation we are no longer able to use our own milk at the breakfast table. However if you wish to have a taste of our milk (at your own risk!!) we are happy to obligeā€¦.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

Please ask Gillian if you have any questions about food ingredients or their preparation. Thank you